Administration & Finances

Presidents and Provosts

Since 2000, Stanford University has been led by President John Hennessy and Provost John Etchemendy.

Presidents of Stanford University
1891-1913 David Starr Jordan
1913-1915 John Casper Branner
1916-1943 Ray Lyman Wilbur1
1943-1948 Donald B. Tresidder2
1949-1968 J. E. Wallace Sterling3
1968-1970 Kenneth S. Pitzer
1970-1980 Richard W. Lyman
1980-1992 Donald Kennedy
1992-2000 Gerhard Casper
2000- John Hennessy

1 Roberto Eccles Swain served as acting president from 1929-1933.

2 Alvin Eurich served as acting president between Tresidder and Sterling.

3 Robert J. Glaser served as acting president between Sterling and Pitzer.

Provosts of Stanford University
1952-1955 Douglas M. Whitaker
1955-1965 Frederick E. Terman
1967-1970 Richard W. Lyman
1971-1978 William F. Miller
1979 Gerald Lieberman
1979-1980 Donald Kennedy
1980-1984 Albert Hastorf
1984-1992 James N. Rosse
1992-1993 Gerald Lieberman
1993-1999 Condoleezza Rice
1999-2000 John L. Hennessy
2000- John W. Etchemendy

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