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Other Undergraduate Education Facts

Stanford Student Awards

Rhodes Scholars: 132
Marshall Award Winners: 99
Truman Scholars: 74
Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars: 44

1,654 Bachelor Degrees Awarded in 2023

Top 5 Undergraduate Degrees Awarded
  • Computer Science
  • Human Biology
  • Economics
  • Symbolic Systems
  • Engineering
Top Undergraduate Majors by Enrollment
Fall 2023
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Human Biology
  • Symbolic Systems
Undergraduate Financial Aid 2022/23
Total number of students receiving financial aid toward cost of attendance*5,263
Total number of students enrolled (average of fall, winter and spring)
(avg of fall, winter, spring) and distinct count (all four quarters) starting Fall 2022 
Percent of students receiving any form of aid toward attendance66%
Percent of students awarded need-based Stanford scholarships and grants48%
Percent of students receiving Pell Grants19%
Scholarship aid $290,709,407
Long-term loans$7,184,413
Term-time jobs$9,198,667
Undergraduate Source of Scholarship Aid 2022/23
Stanford General Funds$60,529,708
Donor Gifts, not including athletic awards$24,087,246
Endowment Income, not including athletic awards$142,682,642
Trademark Income$1,918
Athletic Awards$30,439,324
Department Funds$5,891,1274
Federal Pell Grants$8,508,805
Federal Supplemental Grants$1,353,846
Other Federal Grants$1,181,776
State Grants$3,230,035
Other External Awards$12,802,833
Undergraduate Sources of Scholarship Aid 2022/23 Summary
Undergraduate Student Budget 2023/24
Mandatory Fees**$753
Housing and Food$19,922
Books and Supplies (estimated)$825
Personal Expenses (estimated)***$4,602
Total Cost of Attendance$87,833
Orientation and Document Fee (Frosh/Transfer Only) $775
Cardinal Care Health Insurance (12-month coverage) $7,128
Percentage of graduates with debt13%
The median cumulative undergraduate indebtedness
for students with debt receiving undergraduate degrees in 2022/23
(Average indebtedness was $21,372)

   * Stanford provides significant support to students other than the total cost of attendance such as Undergraduate Research Grants. That type of funding is not included in this analysis.

** Includes Campus Health Services fee charged to all students living on campus.

***Indirect costs (fees) of $1,482 are not included in the estimated Personal Expenses.