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Other Undergraduate Education Facts

Stanford Student Awards

Rhodes Scholars: 129
Marshall Award Winners: 98
Truman Scholars: 73
Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars: 27

1,699 Bachelor Degrees Awarded in 2022

Top 5 Undergraduate Degrees Awarded
  • Computer Science
  • Human Biology
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Management Science and Engineering
Top Undergraduate Majors by Enrollment
Fall 2022
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Human Biology
  • Symbolic Systems
Undergraduate Financial Aid 2021/22
Total number of students receiving financial aid toward cost of attendance*5,236
Total number of students enrolled (average of fall, winter and spring)7,822
Percent of students receiving any form of aid toward attendance67%
Percent of students awarded need-based Stanford scholarships and grants49%
Percent of students receiving Pell Grants18%
Scholarship aid $278,749,921
Long-term loans$5,878,799
Term-time jobs$9,163,430
Undergraduate Source of Scholarship Aid 2021/22
Stanford General Funds$62,961,787
Donor Gifts, not including athletic awards$25,936,380
Endowment Income, not including athletic awards$129,660,402
Trademark Income$2,485
Athletic Awards$29,387,404
Department Funds$5,496,140
Federal Pell Grants$7,290,838
Federal Supplemental Grants$1,609,528
Other Federal Grants$1,199,635
State Grants$2,904,595
Other External Awards$12,300,727
Undergraduate Sources of Scholarship Aid 2021/22 Summary
Undergraduate Student Budget 2022/23
Mandatory Fees**$723
Room and Board$18,619
Books and Supplies (estimated)$1,350
Personal Expenses (estimated)***$2,355
Total Cost of Attendance$80,740
Orientation and Document Fee (Frosh/Transfer Only) $775
Cardinal Care Health Insurance (12-month coverage) $6,768
Percentage of graduates with debt14%
The median cumulative undergraduate indebtedness
for students with debt receiving undergraduate degrees in 2020/21
(Average indebtedness was $20,691)

   * Stanford provides significant support to students other than the total cost of attendance such as Undergraduate Research Grants. That type of funding is not included in this analysis.

** Includes Campus Health Services fee charged to all students living on campus.

***Indirect costs (fees) of $1,422 are not included in the estimated Personal Expenses.